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Chyangba School

Shree Wongchhu Biswodarsan Lower Secondary School in Chyangba of Tapting VDC in Solukhumbu is the first school in the area. This school was established under the financial assistance of tourism entrepreneur and social worker Wongchhu Sherpa. Sherpa personally bought the land where the school stands today and funded the construction of the school that has been given his name. Sherpa not only funded the construction of three buildings but also contributed to acquire logistics like furniture. The school is being run as a community school at the moment. Sherpa funded the construction of the school in the center of the village to relieve the young children of the area who had to walk for hours to their school in adjoining villages. Earlier, many parents did not bother to send their children to school due to the distance.

Shree Wongchhu Biswodarsan Lower Secondary School welcomes students from Chyangba, Chimding, Khamgding, Chepte Khola, Kodabari and Sisa Khola areas.

The school was shifted to a new location after complains that it was not in the center of the village. Initially the school was set up at one corner of the village with classes conducted in makeshift sheds made of bamboo. The land was provided by local social worker Mingmar Sherpa, the elder brother of Wongchhu Sherpa. Wongchu is also the founder of a famous tourism company of Nepal, the Peak Promotion Nepal.

The founding teachers, management committee and locals should be equally credited for the successful shifting of the school. More than 700 students have already enrolled themselves and completed their education in this school since its inception. Many of them have been able to make a mark in their life today at home and abroad. Established in 1989, the school has seen many ups and downs in these 26 years.

A US organization named ‘Education Elevated’ has also contributed in maintenance and renovation of the school at various times. Pem Dorje Sherpa funded the construction of one of the buildings of the school on behalf of the organization after it was destroyed by an earthquake. The organization has also helped for the uniforms of the students and teachers. Pem Dorje Sherpa, who has been helping the school, is himself a product of the school.

Many foreigners extended their helping hand to the school in the early days. Two Swedish nationals Goran Krop and his friend Renata donated over 295 thousand rupees to the school to upgrade it from primary to lower secondary level. Their assistance was utilized to pay the salary of the teachers. Krop, one of the closest friends of the school, sadly lost his life while climbing a mountain in USA. His death is an irreparable loss to the school. Goran Krop was a daring adventurer who cycled all the way to Nepal from his country Sweden, scaled Mt Everest and again returned to his country on his bicycle. Renata is also the first Swedish woman to scale Mt Everest. She also cycled all the way from Sweden to Nepal to scale Mt Everest a year later of Krop.

Three Swedish adventurers Mikael Adolf Kundel, Margareta Ivarsson and Niclas Nygren who came to Nepal via Aventyrsresor Company, donated three desktop computers to the school.

American Paul Pfau also donated around 35,000 rupees to the school after his successful conquest of Mt Everest in 1995. Daughters of another Swede Bosse Tingback provided around 25,000 rupees to the school for teachers’ salary in 1991.

The assistance and cooperation from everyone was invaluable for the school in its early days. The locals have been providing every possible help to the school.

The school today stands as an example for many other places like Solukhumbu that have been unable to draw government’s attention as a monument of public initiation.

The lifestyle and manners of the locals have changed drastically after the school was established here. The school management committee and the locals are effortful in ensuring better equipping the school and enhancing the quality of education. As part of the drive, the library is being upgraded at the moment.

We welcome individuals and institutions interested to contribute to the school through our educational exchange programs. The students of this remote village would benefit from expert teachers on information technology or computer and English language. The school would welcome you all who can support our drive to spread the light of education to the children of this remote village.

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